PCI with targeted toxins

Targeted toxins represent a cancer treatment modality with high specific toxicity. The selectivity of targeted toxins may be further enhanced by utilization of a cancer targeted drug delivery system such as photochemical internalization (PCI). Recombinant technology offers the possibility of making targeted toxins that to a large extent will depend on PCI activation for efficacy. Off target adverse effects should in this way be reduced since the drug will only be activated locally by controlled light exposure. 

Our main goal in this project is to design and produce recombinant targeted toxins for PCI-mediated delivery for preclinical evaluation in animal models. 


Current activity with targeted toxins

  1. Development of an EGFR-targeting toxin with optimal biological activity, purity and construct size to facilitate tumor delivery with PCI.
  2. Evaluation of clinically relevant adjuvants to PCI-delivered targeted toxins.
  3. Mechanistic insight into the in vivo efficacy of targeted toxins delivered by PCI
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