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Group leader
Pål Aksel Næss

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Trauma research with main focus to improve outcomes for severely injured patients.

Trauma is the leading cause of death in the first four decades of life. Our group has evolved as a natural consequence of the development of the Department of Traumatology. The primary focus of the Department is high quality patient care.

Our research

Effect of changes in diagnostics, treatment, cooperation and trauma system development is evaluated based on registry data as well as ongoing prospective, randomized control interventional studies in cooperation with international collaborators.

Results from previous and ongoing projects provide the basis for optimization for contemporary treatment of severely injured patients and trauma prevention.

PhD research

Previous PhD research projects from our group include evaluations of system changes and specific interventions to subgroups of patients to ensure quality improvement: 


  • OPTIMIZTTIC - OPTIMIZing the Treatment of Trauma Induced Coagulopathy.
    Kjersti Baksaas-Aasen, 2021
  • Trauma induced coagulopathy - early detection and experimental modelling with emphasis on the role of fibrinogen.
    Jostein Hagemo, 2017
  • Child occupants in motor vehicle collisions. Real-world crash studies and a roadside study of children in cars in southeast Norway 2007-2013 with emphasis on safety hazards, restraining practice, and predictors of injury.
    Marianne Skjerven-Martinsen, 2014
  • Perfomance assessment of a major Scandinavian trauma center during implementation of a dedicated trauma service.
    Sigrid Groven, 2014
  • Contemporary management of splenic injury.
    Jorunn Skattum, 2013
  • Trauma care and surgical trauma training with special focus on abdominal trauma.
    Aslaug Christine Gaarder, 2007

To be able to continue quality improvement we have to strengthen our research milieu locally and increase the cooperation with our international research partners.


We have extensive cooperation with departments within OUH and UiO.

  • Division of Orthopedic Surgery
  • Department of Radiology
  • Department of Immunology and Transfusion Medicine
  • Trauma Registry
  • Department of Neurosurgery
  • Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Norwegian Trauma Competency Service
  • Department of Forensic Sciences
  • INTRN ( International Trauma Research Network)
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Group leader


  • Pål Aksel Næss University of Oslo
  • Aslaug Christine Gaarder University of Oslo
  • Knut Magne Kolstadbråten
  • Anders Holtan
  • Kjersti Baksaas-Aasen
  • Lill Iren Simonsen
  • Jorunn Skattum
  • Joakim Jørgensen
  • Peter Wiel Monrad-Hansen
  • Iver Anders Gaski
  • Amund Ringen
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