Peter Majak

  • Associate Professor; MD, PhD

Publications 2021

Wang J, Majak P, Woldbæk PR, Madsen E (2021)
Middle lobe torsion following lobectomy
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 141 (18)
DOI 10.4045/tidsskr.21.0150, PubMed 34911276

Publications 2018

Hoffmann P, Al-Ani A, von Lueder T, Hoffmann J, Majak P, Hagen O, Loose H, Kløw NE, Opdahl A (2018)
Access site complications after transfemoral aortic valve implantation - a comparison of Manta and ProGlide
CVIR Endovasc, 1 (1), 20
DOI 10.1186/s42155-018-0026-0, PubMed 30652151

Publications 2016

Majak P, Næss PA (2016)
Rib fractures in trauma patients: does operative fixation improve outcome?
Curr Opin Crit Care, 22 (6), 572-577
DOI 10.1097/MCC.0000000000000364, PubMed 27811559

Publications 2012

Majak P, Bjørnstad JL, Braathen B, Lunde IG, Husebye T, Christensen G, Tønnessen T (2012)
Endothelin-1 in the human myocardium and circulating plasma: evaluation before, during and after correction of aortic stenosis with aortic valve replacement
Cardiology, 123 (1), 1-10
DOI 10.1159/000339756, PubMed 22907118

Majak P, Braathen B, Bjørnstad JL, Tønnessen T (2012)
GDF-15 is increased during early reperfusion following aortic valve replacement
Scand Cardiovasc J, 46 (2), 99-106
DOI 10.3109/14017431.2011.649489, PubMed 22168128

Publications 2011

Majak P, Langebrekke A, Hagen OM, Qvigstad E (2011)
Catamenial pneumothorax, clinical manifestations--a multidisciplinary challenge
Pneumonol Alergol Pol, 79 (5), 347-50
PubMed 21861259

Publications 2010

Majak P, Bjørnstad J, Vengen OA, Neverdal NO, Husebye T, Woldbaek P, Pepper J, Lie M, Christensen G, Tønnessen T (2010)
Plasma IL-18 and IL-18BP are altered differently in reverse remodeling following aortic valve replacement
Scand Cardiovasc J, 44 (2), 113-8
DOI 10.3109/14017430903426902, PubMed 19961286

Publications 2003

Majak P, Vikskjold F, Abildgaard U (2003)
[Hereditary antithrombin deficiency and pregnancy--what is the effective thromboprophylaxis?]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 123 (2), 144-6
PubMed 12607492

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