Recent news and achievements

Two-year Scientia Fellowship open for applications (31.01.2016)

We have a two-year postdoc position open for qualified scientists interested in Parkinson genomics. Scientia Fellows is an international postdoctoral fellowship programme in Health Sciences. The programme is supported by the EU and Scientia Fellows has a Marie Curie fellow status. Interested candidates should contact Project group leader Mathias Toft. More information is available on the University of Oslo website.

Multiple positive funding announcements! (15.01.2016)

Dr. Lasse Pihlstrøm has been awarded a personal postdoc grant to study epigenetic factors in Lewy body dementia and clinical features associated with cognitive decline in Parkinson's disease. The Research Council has awarded Dr. Mathias Toft with a "Young Research Talent" award, and in combination with a "Carreer fellowship" from the Regional Health Authority this secures long-term funding for both laboratory and clinical research projects for many years.

Two PhD dissertations in November! (10.12.2015)

Dr. Kari Anne Bjørnarå and dr. Lasse Pihlstrøm both succesfully defended their doctoral thesis on studies related to Parkinson's disease in November. Congratulations!

Study of polyglutamine repeats in Parkinson's disease (13.10.2015)

A world-wide study organized by the GEO-PD consortium has examined the role of polyglutamine repeats in PD. The study was published in Neurology and is available here.

New letter in Lancet Neurology (10.07.2015)

In the July issue of Lancet Neurology we discuss the recently discovered new gene causing autosomal-dominant PD, CHCHD2.

Study on REM sleep behaviour disorder in Parkinson's disease (15.04.2015)

Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep behaviour disorder (RBD) is frequently present in patients with PD and may have prognostic implications. We present one of very few longitudinal studies of RBD in patients with PD. It shows that RBD is a persistent feature in PD and probably increases over time.

Toft's project group receives funding as partner in European research project (30.08.2013)

Results of the JPND Transnational call 2012 “European research projects for the identification of genetic epigenetic and environmental risk and protective factors for Neurodegenerative Diseases” have been published. The COURAGE-PD project coordinated by Prof. Thomas Gasser is recommended for funding. Dr. Mathias Toft is one of seven European partners in the project. Additional info available on the JPND website and on the Research Council's website.

Official opening of the new Domus medica buidling (15.02.2013)

Domus medica 4, the newest building for medical research and education at the University of Oslo, was officially opened on February 12th by the Minister of Education and Research Kristin Halvorsen. Our laboratory is localised in this building together with several other groups from the Department of Neurology, Oslo University Hospital.

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