Collaborations on research activities exists with many departments

Within the hospital close co-operation on research activities exists with many departments:

Department of Tumor Biology

  • By DNA microarray gene expression and chromosome structure are studied. The research focus on discovering new classifications, to predict chemotherapy effect and resistance mechanisms.
  • Studies of liposarcomas by spesific ligands for PPAR-gamma in xenographt.
  • Microscopic disease in ostosarcoma: Immunomagnetic isolation of tumor cells present in peripheral blood and bone marrow aspirates in osteosarcoma patients, useful as diagnostic and prognostic tool in the management of osteosarcoma.

Department of Cancer Genetics

  • Cytogenetic analyses serves as a diagnostic marker for many subtypes of sarcoma and translocation studies are ongoing.
  • Analyses of the influence of SNP`s on response and toxic effect of cytostatic drugs.

Clinical Stem Cell Laboratory

  • Ex vivo expansion of hematopoietic progenitor cells to alleviate thrombocytopenia following high-dose chemotherapy for higly malignant sarcoma of bone.

Division of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

  • Targeted internal radionuclide treatment employing 153-Samarium-EDTMP for advanced bone sarcoma (clinical phase II study)
  • Evaluation of response by MRI in Ewing sarcoma.

Department of Pathology

  • Studies of pathology, radiology and clinical history in patients with radiation induced sarcoma

Rehabilitation Center, Kysthospitalet, Stavern

  • Formal co-operation has been established in order to increase the knowledge of the effect of rehabilitation on patients with serious function defects.

Institute of Nutritional Research, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo

  • The expression of retinoid binding proteins in sarcomas.


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