Current research activity

The strategy for our work and the current research activities are:

1. Mechanisms of endocytosis. Cells internalize molecules from the exterior by different types of endocytosis. While the clathrin dependent pathway of endocytosis is best characterized so far, we also study the alternative mechanisms of clathrin independent endocytosis.

2. Retrograde transport of protein toxins. After being endocytosed, certain protein toxins, such as Shiga toxin, are transported in a retrograde manner through the Golgi stack before they translocate their enzymatic moiety to the cytosol. The mechanisms of retrograde transport are being studied.
Endocytosis and intracellular transport form the basis for our studies.

3. A subgroup headed by Llorente studies formation and release mechanisms of exosomes. These activities include investigations of exosomal components as biomarkers for prostate cancer.

4. A subgroup headed by Iversen study uptake and intracellular transport of nanoparticles. This activity is a continuation of the national competence building project “Biodegradable nanoparticles for cancer diagnosis and therapy” (see link below) and Inno Indigo, a collaboration project with groups in Brussels and Hyderabad (see link below).