Mona-Elisabeth R. Revheim's research group: Functional and Molecular Imaging and Therapy

Mona-Elisabeth R. RevheimGroup leader
Mona-Elisabeth R. Revheim
Group leader

Expanded knowledge of the pathogenesis behind diseases has led to the development of novel treatment strategies. Functional and molecular imaging modalities are promising for non-invasive diagnosis and evaluation of treatment response at an earlier time point than morphological imaging. The goals are to individualize diagnostic work-up and treatment, in order to optimize treatment outcome and minimize toxicity. The group focuses on:

  • clinical- and translational studies
  • how to optimize image quality and to improve accuracy of disease detection
  • in vivo tissue characterization and depiction of disease process
  • treatment response assessment
  • multimodality imaging
  • targeted radionuclide therapies
  • theranostic medicine
  • radiomics and artificial intelligence
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