Welcome to the Department of Oncology

Department of Oncology is located at three sites, The Norwegian Radiumhospital, Aker hospital and Ullevål hospital. The department strives to perform research, professional development and teaching at a high national and international level, and is constantly carrying out intensive research on new cancer treatment methods. Clinical/patient-related research is emphasized and participation in clinically controlled trials is prioritized. The department’s academic activities take place in close collaboration with several of the faculties at the University of Oslo and with other colleges in the region. 

The development of new treatments initially takes place in laboratories by experimenting on isolated cells, tissue and in animal models. Drugs showing promising activities in the model systems are then tested out thoroughly in clinical studies on patients with cancer. A large number of the patients in the department are participating in various clinical studies.

The Departments aim is for all doctors and doctors in training to have a PhD and strives to facilitate for both consultants and doctors in training to gain such research expertise. The Department will also facilitate so that clinical work can be combined with research and teaching. 

Keep reading under the different research groups for more information about the research focus, work and members.

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