Gustav Lehne

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Publications 2022

Riis M, Csanaky G, Lehne G, Tangerud A (2022)
Anaplastic large cell lymphoma, ALK-negative of the breast diagnosed a short time after removal of breast implant in a patient with breast carcinoma: diagnostic and therapeutic considerations
BMJ Case Rep, 15 (3)
DOI 10.1136/bcr-2021-248232, PubMed 35236698

Publications 2020

Tveiten H, Aukrust P, Lehne G, Rodriguez JR, Skjønsberg OH (2020)
Haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis in COVID-19 cases?
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 140 (6)
DOI 10.4045/tidsskr.20.0240, PubMed 32321221

Tveiten H, Lehne G, Aukrust P, Rodriguez JR, Skjønsberg OH (2020)
A man in his forties with increasing shortness of breath
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 140 (6)
DOI 10.4045/tidsskr.19.0692, PubMed 32321231

Publications 2015

Brabrand S, Johannessen B, Axcrona U, Kraggerud SM, Berg KG, Bakken AC, Bruun J, Fosså SD, Lothe RA, Lehne G, Skotheim RI (2015)
Exome sequencing of bilateral testicular germ cell tumors suggests independent development lineages
Neoplasia, 17 (2), 167-74
DOI 10.1016/j.neo.2014.12.005, PubMed 25748235

Publications 2012

Brabrand S, Fosså SD, Cvancarova M, Axcrona U, Lehne G (2012)
Probability of metachronous testicular cancer in patients with biopsy-proven intratubular germ cell neoplasia depends on first-time treatment of germ cell cancer
J Clin Oncol, 30 (32), 4004-10
DOI 10.1200/JCO.2011.40.8914, PubMed 23071246

Fløisand Y, Brinch L, Gedde-Dahl T, Tjønnfjord GE, Dybedal I, Holte H, Heldal D, Torfoss D, Aurlien E, Lauritzsen GF, Fosså A, Lehne G, Baggerød E, Kvalheim G, Egeland T, Bishop MR, Fowler DH, Kolstad A (2012)
Ultra-short course sirolimus contributes to effective GVHD prophylaxis after reduced-intensity allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation
Bone Marrow Transplant, 47 (12), 1552-7
DOI 10.1038/bmt.2012.63, PubMed 22522568

Frøen H, Brennhovd B, Abeler VM, Madsbu UE, Lehne G (2012)
[Young man with severe back pain]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 132 (14), 1626-9
DOI 10.4045/tidsskr.11.1059, PubMed 22875130

Publications 2011

Skaali T, Fosså SD, Andersson S, Cvancarova M, Langberg CW, Lehne G, Dahl AA (2011)
Self-reported cognitive problems in testicular cancer patients: relation to neuropsychological performance, fatigue, and psychological distress
J Psychosom Res, 70 (5), 403-10
DOI 10.1016/j.jpsychores.2010.12.004, PubMed 21511070

Publications 2010

Brabrand S, Fosså SD, Cvancarova M, Lehne G (2010)
Androgen substitution with testosterone undecanoate in survivors of bilateral testicular cancer requires individually-adjusted injection intervals
BJU Int, 107 (7), 1080-7
DOI 10.1111/j.1464-410X.2010.09649.x, PubMed 20825398

Skaali T, Fosså SD, Andersson S, Cvancarova M, Langberg CW, Lehne G, Dahl AA (2010)
A prospective study of neuropsychological functioning in testicular cancer patients
Ann Oncol, 22 (5), 1062-1070
DOI 10.1093/annonc/mdq553, PubMed 21048038

Skaali T, Fosså SD, Andersson S, Langberg CW, Lehne G, Dahl AA (2010)
Is psychological distress in men recently diagnosed with testicular cancer associated with their neuropsychological test performance?
Psychooncology, 20 (4), 369-77
DOI 10.1002/pon.1737, PubMed 20878832

Publications 2009

Dahl O, Kvaløy S, Lehne G, Baksaas I, Christoffersen T (2009)
Medikamentell kreftbehandling
In Cytostatikaboken 7. utgave 2009 (Dahl O, Lehne G, Baksaas I, Kvaløy S, Christoffersen T, eds.), Farmakologisk Institutt, Universitetet i Oslo, Oslo, Norge
PublikaID 77, ISBN 9788299233125

Dahl O, Kvaløy SO, Lehne G, Baksaas I, Christoffersen T (2009)
Medikamentell kreftbehandling
In Cytostatikaboken. 7. utgave (Dahl O, Kvaløy SO, Lehne G, Baksaas I, Christoffersen T, eds.), Farmakologisk institutt, Universitetet i Oslo, Oslo
PublikaID 88

Lehne G, Grasmo-Wendler UH, Berner JM, Meza-Zepeda LA, Adamsen BL, Flack A, Reiner A, Clausen OP, Hovig E, Myklebost O (2009)
Upregulation of stem cell genes in multidrug resistant K562 leukemia cells
Leuk Res, 33 (10), 1379-85
DOI 10.1016/j.leukres.2009.03.028, PubMed 19394083

Publications 2008

Oldenburg J, Lehne G, Fosså SD (2008)
[Testicular cancer]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 128 (4), 457-60
PubMed 18274581

Publications 2007

Lehne G, Bjørheim J, Saeter G (2007)
[Anticancer drug dosing--pharmacogenomic biomarkers or body surface area?]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 127 (8), 1040-4
PubMed 17457389

Publications 2006

Fosså SD, Johannesen TB, Lehne G (2006)
Long-term outcome after adult-onset cancer
Ann Oncol, 17 Suppl 10, x293-8
DOI 10.1093/annonc/mdl276, PubMed 17018741

Lehne G, Haneberg B, Gaustad P, Johansen PW, Preus H, Abrahamsen TG (2006)
Oral administration of a new soluble branched beta-1,3-D-glucan is well tolerated and can lead to increased salivary concentrations of immunoglobulin A in healthy volunteers
Clin Exp Immunol, 143 (1), 65-9
DOI 10.1111/j.1365-2249.2005.02962.x, PubMed 16367935

Publications 2005

Budde K, Lehne G, Winkler M, Renders L, Lison A, Fritsche L, Soulillou JP, Fauchald P, Neumayer HH, Dantal J, RADW 102 Renal Transplant Study Group (2005)
Influence of everolimus on steady-state pharmacokinetics of cyclosporine in maintenance renal transplant patients
J Clin Pharmacol, 45 (7), 781-91
DOI 10.1177/0091270005277196, PubMed 15951468

Publications 2004

Budde K, Neumayer HH, Lehne G, Winkler M, Hauser IA, Lison A, Fritsche L, Soulillou JP, Fauchald P, Dantal J, RADW 102 Renal Transplant Study Group (2004)
Tolerability and steady-state pharmacokinetics of everolimus in maintenance renal transplant patients
Nephrol Dial Transplant, 19 (10), 2606-14
DOI 10.1093/ndt/gfh322, PubMed 15316094

Publications 2002

Lehne G, Sørensen DR, Tjønnfjord GE, Beiske C, Hagve TA, Rugstad HE, Clausen OP (2002)
The cyclosporin PSC 833 increases survival and delays engraftment of human multidrug-resistant leukemia cells in xenotransplanted NOD-SCID mice
Leukemia, 16 (12), 2388-94
DOI 10.1038/sj.leu.2402663, PubMed 12454743

Molden E, Johansen PW, Bøe GH, Bergan S, Christensen H, Rugstad HE, Rootwelt H, Reubsaet L, Lehne G (2002)
Pharmacokinetics of diltiazem and its metabolites in relation to CYP2D6 genotype
Clin Pharmacol Ther, 72 (3), 333-42
DOI 10.1067/mcp.2002.127396, PubMed 12235455

Plo I, Lehne G, Beckstrøm KJ, Maestre N, Bettaïeb A, Laurent G, Lautier D (2002)
Influence of ceramide metabolism on P-glycoprotein function in immature acute myeloid leukemia KG1a cells
Mol Pharmacol, 62 (2), 304-12
DOI 10.1124/mol.62.2.304, PubMed 12130682

Publications 2001

Baekelandt M, Lehne G, Tropé CG, Szántó I, Pfeiffer P, Gustavssson B, Kristensen GB (2001)
Phase I/II trial of the multidrug-resistance modulator valspodar combined with cisplatin and doxorubicin in refractory ovarian cancer
J Clin Oncol, 19 (12), 2983-93
DOI 10.1200/JCO.2001.19.12.2983, PubMed 11408493

Laupèze B, Amiot L, Bertho N, Grosset JM, Lehne G, Fauchet R, Fardel O (2001)
Differential expression of the efflux pumps P-glycoprotein and multidrug resistance-associated protein in human monocyte-derived dendritic cells
Hum Immunol, 62 (10), 1073-80
DOI 10.1016/s0198-8859(01)00307-x, PubMed 11600213

Laupèze B, Amiot L, Payen L, Drénou B, Grosset JM, Lehne G, Fauchet R, Fardel O (2001)
Multidrug resistance protein (MRP) activity in normal mature leukocytes and CD34-positive hematopoietic cells from peripheral blood
Life Sci, 68 (11), 1323-31
DOI 10.1016/s0024-3205(00)01026-2, PubMed 11233999

Lehne G, Müller A, Schwedes J (2001)
Mechanical disintegration of sewage sludge
Water Sci Technol, 43 (1), 19-26
PubMed 11379090

Publications 2000

Lehne G (2000)
P-glycoprotein as a drug target in the treatment of multidrug resistant cancer
Curr Drug Targets, 1 (1), 85-99
DOI 10.2174/1389450003349443, PubMed 11475537

Lehne G, Mørkrid L, den Boer M, Rugstad HE (2000)
Diverse effects of P-glycoprotein inhibitory agents on human leukemia cells expressing the multidrug resistance protein (MRP)
Int J Clin Pharmacol Ther, 38 (4), 187-95
DOI 10.5414/cpp38187, PubMed 10783828

Publications 1999

Lehne G (1999)
P-glycoprotein - a target for circumvention of multidrug resistance in cancer
Department of Clinical Pharmacology, National Hospital ofNorway, Oslo, 1 b. (flere pag.)
BIBSYS 990736806, ISBN 82-7633-125-4

Lehne G, De Angelis P, den Boer M, Rugstad HE (1999)
Growth inhibition, cytokinesis failure and apoptosis of multidrug-resistant leukemia cells after treatment with P-glycoprotein inhibitory agents
Leukemia, 13 (5), 768-78
DOI 10.1038/sj.leu.2401392, PubMed 10374882

Publications 1998

Bjørnland K, Lehne G, Johansen HT, Fodstad O, Rugstad HE, Aasen AO, Ree AH (1998)
Human hepatoma cells rich in P-glycoprotein display enhanced in vitro invasive properties compared to P-glycoprotein-poor hepatoma cells
Oncol Res, 10 (5), 255-62
PubMed 9802060

Lehne G, De Angelis P, Clausen OP, Rugstad HE (1998)
Differential resistance to anthracyclines in P-glycoprotein-expressing human hepatoma cells
Int J Clin Pharmacol Ther, 36 (2), 89-92
PubMed 9520154

Lehne G, Elonen E, Baekelandt M, Skovsgaard T, Peterson C (1998)
Challenging drug resistance in cancer therapy--review of the First Nordic Conference on Chemoresistance in Cancer Treatment, October 9th and 10th, 1997
Acta Oncol, 37 (5), 431-9
DOI 10.1080/028418698430377, PubMed 9831371

Lehne G, Nordal KP, Midtvedt K, Goggin T, Brosstad F (1998)
Increased potency and decreased elimination of lamifiban, a GPIIb-IIIa antagonist, in patients with severe renal dysfunction
Thromb Haemost, 79 (6), 1119-25
PubMed 9657435

Lehne G, Rugstad HE (1998)
Cytotoxic effect of the cyclosporin PSC 833 in multidrug-resistant leukaemia cells with increased expression of P-glycoprotein
Br J Cancer, 78 (5), 593-600
DOI 10.1038/bjc.1998.546, PubMed 9744497

Publications 1996

Jensen P, Lehne G, Fauchald P, Simonsen S (1996)
Effect of oral terbinafine treatment on cyclosporin pharmacokinetics in organ transplant recipients with dermatophyte nail infection
Acta Derm Venereol, 76 (4), 280-1
DOI 10.2340/0001555576280281, PubMed 8869684

Lehne G, De Angelis P, Clausen OP, Rugstad HE (1996)
Human hepatoma cells rich in P-glycoprotein are sensitive to aclarubicin and resistant to three other anthracyclines
Br J Cancer, 74 (11), 1719-29
DOI 10.1038/bjc.1996.621, PubMed 8956784

Publications 1995

De Angelis P, Stokke T, Smedshammer L, Lothe RA, Lehne G, Chen Y, Clausen OP (1995)
P-glycoprotein is not expressed in a majority of colorectal carcinomas and is not regulated by mutant p53 in vivo
Br J Cancer, 72 (2), 307-11
DOI 10.1038/bjc.1995.329, PubMed 7640210

Fosså SD, Lehne G, Heimdal K, Theodorsen L (1995)
Clinical and biochemical long-term toxicity after postoperative cisplatin-based chemotherapy in patients with low-stage testicular cancer
Oncology, 52 (4), 300-5
DOI 10.1159/000227478, PubMed 7539902

Johansen K, Krogh M, Andresen AT, Christophersen AS, Lehne G, Rasmussen KE (1995)
Automated analysis of free and total concentrations of three antiepileptic drugs in plasma with on-line dialysis and high-performance liquid chromatography
J Chromatogr B Biomed Appl, 669 (2), 281-8
DOI 10.1016/0378-4347(95)93203-4, PubMed 7581904

Lehne G, De Angelis P, Clausen OP, Egeland T, Tsuruo T, Rugstad HE (1995)
Binding diversity of antibodies against external and internal epitopes of the multidrug resistance gene product P-glycoprotein
Cytometry, 20 (3), 228-37
DOI 10.1002/cyto.990200306, PubMed 7587708

Publications 1994

Lehne G, Deangelis P, Clausen O, Hall K, Huitfeldt H, Rugstad H (1994)
Pharmacokinetics and cytotoxicity of epirubicin (epi) in drug-resistant human hepatoma-cells (hb8065)
Int J Oncol, 4 (6), 1229-35
DOI 10.3892/ijo.4.6.1229, PubMed 21567042

Lehne G, Hannisdal E, Langholm R, Nome O (1994)
A 10-year experience with splenectomy in patients with malignant non-Hodgkin's lymphoma at the Norwegian Radium Hospital
Cancer, 74 (3), 933-9
DOI 10.1002/1097-0142(19940801)74:3<933::aid-cncr2820740322>;2-p, PubMed 8039121

Publications 1993

Blomlie V, Lehne G, Lien HH, Winderen M, Fosså SD (1993)
Meningeal tumour infiltration in hormone resistant prostate cancer demonstrated with magnetic resonance
Eur J Cancer, 29A (9), 1357
DOI 10.1016/0959-8049(93)90094-v, PubMed 8343288

Koldsland S, Svennevig JL, Lehne G, Johnson E (1993)
Chemical pleurodesis in malignant pleural effusions: a randomised prospective study of mepacrine versus bleomycin
Thorax, 48 (8), 790-3
DOI 10.1136/thx.48.8.790, PubMed 7692617

Lehne G, Johansen B, Fosså SD (1993)
Long-term follow-up of pulmonary function in patients cured from testicular cancer with combination chemotherapy including bleomycin
Br J Cancer, 68 (3), 555-8
DOI 10.1038/bjc.1993.385, PubMed 7688978

Publications 1992

Fosså SD, Lehne G, Gunderson R, Hjelmaas U, Holdener EE (1992)
Recombinant interferon alpha-2A combined with prednisone in metastatic renal-cell carcinoma: treatment results, serum interferon levels and the development of antibodies
Int J Cancer, 50 (6), 868-70
DOI 10.1002/ijc.2910500606, PubMed 1372881

Publications 1990

Lehne G, Lote K (1990)
Pulmonary toxicity of cytotoxic and immunosuppressive agents. A review
Acta Oncol, 29 (2), 113-24
DOI 10.3109/02841869009126530, PubMed 2185802

Publications 1985

Davy M, Paus E, Lehne G (1985)
A pharmacokinetic evaluation of IM administration of bleomycin oil suspension
Cancer Chemother Pharmacol, 14 (3), 274-6
DOI 10.1007/BF00258133, PubMed 2581717

Publications 1981

Lehne G, Kopperud T, Laake K (1981)
Drug use and medication non-compliance in patients discharged from a medical ward
J Oslo City Hosp, 31 (7), 85-90
PubMed 7299512

Publications 1978

Kopperud T, Lehne G (1978)
Legemidelforsømmelse hos 40 indremedisinske pasienter registrert ved hjelp av standardiserte intervjuer og tablettellinger: Vurdering av tiltak for å redusere legemiddelforsømmelsen
T. Kopperud & G. Lehne, Oslo, 71 s.
BIBSYS 961652683

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