Geir Hetland's research group: Transfusion, Immunomodulation and Allergology (TRIAL)

Geir HetlandGroup leader
Geir Hetland
Group leader

Department of immunology and transfusion medicine is responsible for blood donated at the Oslo Blood bank, and is concerned with optimal storage and quality of the red cell, platelet and plasma products. Red cells are subjected to oxidative storage damage and platelets to anti-MHC Ab in some recipients, and all products are still stored in potentially toxic phthalate-containing plastic bags. Plasma from COVID-19 convalescent blood donors has been used for treatment of such patients, but some convalescents also suffer from persistent inflammation. We have been studying immunomodulatory substances from edible medicinal mushrooms such as Agaricus blazei Murill (AbM) as add-on treatment in clinical trials for inflammatory bowel diseases, multiple myeloma and allergy, but they also have anti-viral effects that can be exploited. 


  1. Improve production and preservation of blood products for patients
  2. Examine effects of an AbM-based extract, AndosanTM, as add-on treatment for asthma patients, and against COVID-19 in vitro.
  3. Examine inflammatory markers such as calprotectin, neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs), neopterin and syndecan in COVID-19 patients, convalescents and vaccinated persons. 
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