Kari Nytrøen

  • Postdoctoral research fellow, PhD, M.Sc

Kari Nytrøen successfully defended her thesis "Chronotropic responses and effect of high intensity interval based aerobic exercise in heart transplant recipients." in February 2014.

Physiotherapist and doctoral candidate Kari Nytrøen found that high-intensity interval training is a safe and effective form of exercise that improves stamina, enduring muscle strength and overall health in stable heart transplant patients.

Interval training is known for its positive effects. Nytrøen and co-workers wanted to investigate whether interval training has the same good effect among heart transplant patients as it has in the rest of the population. This type of exercise has been considered "unphysiologic" for heart transplant patients as they lack nerve supply to the new heart, leading to reduced heart rate response.

In this thesis it was shown that the heart rate response is partially normalized in most patients one year after transplantation and that the interval training performed by patients on average 4 years after transplantation led to:
- Increased oxygen uptake / better fitness (13% increase)
- Increased endurance of muscle strength (17% increase)  
- Better quality of life  
- Decreased progression (> 50%) of vasculopathy (a special form of arteriosclerosis affecting cardiac transplant patients = cardiac allograft vasculopathy)  

In conclusion, interval training is a safe and effective form of exercise that is recommended to improve the fitness and health of all heart transplant recipients well in way in the recovery process, given that their condition has remained stable and that they are othervise healthy. In addition to improved fitness and enduring muscle strength, interval training slows the development of vasculopathy, which may lead to reduced morbidity and mortality in this patient population.


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Publications 2017

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Publications 2016

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Publications 2015

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Publications 2011

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