Oslo University Hospital has awarded 6 excellent articles for the second half-year of 2018

In order to stimulate excellent research and draw attention to the hospital's research activity, Oslo University Hospital reward outstanding publications every half-year.

Six research groups were awarded for their excellent papers published during the second half-year of 2018 on June 7th in the large auditorium at Ullevål sykehus. Each group received NOK 50.000 for use in further research. The prize winners gave short presentations.

The six selected articles are of especially high quality, and they present important finding on both-short and long-term scales. The works reflect the good quality and the interdisciplinarity that characterises several research environments at Oslo University Hospital. The research is a fundamental condition for the institution to maintain and strenghten the quality in the patient treatment.

From left: Geir Ringstad, Marthe Løvf, Emma Lång, Fridtjof Lund-Johansen, Asgeir Johannessen and Lars Dejgaard (photo: Pål Bakke) 

Award-winning articles - second half-year of 2018

TitleThe Mitral Annulus Disjunction Arrhythmic Syndrome.

Journal: Journal of the American College of Cardiology

Authors: Lars A. Dejgaard, Eystein T. Skjølsvik,Øyvind H. Lie, Margareth Ribe, Mathis K. Stokke, Finn Hegbom, Esther S. Scheirlynck,Erik Gjertsen, Kristoffer Andresen, Thomas M. Helle-Valle, Einar Hopp, Thor Edvardsen, Kristina H. Haugaa

PMID: 30261961 (read abstract from PubMed)

Research group home page:
Cardiac genetic diseases and sudden cardiac death (led by Kristina H. Haugaa)
From the Department of Cardiology at the Division of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases

TitleKhat chewing increases the risk for developing chronic liver disease: A hospital-based case-control study. 

Journal: Hepatology

Authors: Stian Magnus Staurung Orlien, Irene Sandven, Nega Belay Berhe, Nejib Yusuf Ismael, Tekabe Abdosh Ahmed, Kathrine Stene-Johansen, Svein Gunnar Gundersen, Marsha Yvonne Morgan, og Asgeir Johannessen

PMID: 29369368 ​(read abstract from PubMed)

Research group home page:
Tropical /Imported Diseases and Reproductive Health 
From the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Division of Medicine

TitleA high-throughput pipeline for validation of antibodies

Journal: Nature Methods

Authors: Krzysztof Sikorski, Adi Mehta, Marit Inngjerdingen, Flourina Thakor, Simon Kling, Tomas Kalina, Tuula A. Nyman, Maria Ekman Stensland, Wei Zhou, Gustavo A. de Souza, Lars Holden, Jan Stuchly, Markus Templin og Fridtjof Lund-Johansen

PMID: 30377371 (read abstract from PubMed)

Research group home page:
Protein array group (led by Lund-Johansen)
From the Department of Immunology at the Division of Laboratory Medicine

TitleCoordinated collective migration and asymmetric cell division in confluent human keratinocytes without wounding

Journal: Nature Communications

Authors: Emma Lång, Anna Połeć, Anna Lång, Marijke Valk, Pernille Blicher, Alexander D. Rowe, Kim A. Tønseth, Catherine J. Jackson, Tor P. Utheim, Liesbeth M. C. Janssen, Jens Eriksson og Stig Ove Bøe

PMID: 30202009

Research group home page:
Experimental Cancer Therapy (led by Stig Ove Bøe)
From the Department of Medical Biochemistry at the Division of Laboratory Medicine

Title: Multifocal Primary Prostate Cancer Exhibits High Degree of Genomic Heterogeneity. 

Journal: European Urology

Authors: Marthe Løvf, Sen Zhao, Ulrika Axcrona, Bjarne Johannessen, Anne Cathrine Bakken, Kristina Totland Carm, Andreas M. Hoff, Ola Myklebost, Leonardo A. Meza-Zepeda, A. Kathrine Lie, Karol Axcrona, Ragnhild A. Lothe, Rolf I. Skotheim

PMID: 30181068

Research group home page:
Genome Biology Group (led by Rolf I. Skotheim)
From the Department of Molecular Oncology at the Institute for Cancer Research at the Division of Cancer Medicine

Title: Brain-wide glymphatic enhancement and clearance in humans assessed with MRI.

Journal: JCI Insight

Authors: Geir Ringstad, Lars M. Valnes, Anders M. Dale, Are H. Pripp, Svein-Are S. Vatnehol,
Kyrre E. Emblem, Kent-Andre Mardal og Per K. Eide

PMID: 29997300

Research group home page:
Neuroimaging Research Group (led by Geir Ringstad)
From the Division of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

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