Sia Msuya

    Inst. of Public Health, KCMC, Moshi, Tanzania


    Original articles

    Masenga GG, Shayo BC, Msuya S, Rasch V (2019)
    Urinary incontinence and its relation to delivery circumstances: A population-based study from rural Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
    PLoS One, 14 (1), e0208733
    DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0208733, PubMed 30673696

    Sanga Z, Kapanda G, Msuya S, Mwangi R (2015)
    Factors influencing the uptake of Voluntary HIV Counseling and Testing among secondary school students in Arusha City, Tanzania: a cross sectional study
    BMC Public Health, 15, 452
    DOI 10.1186/s12889-015-1771-9, PubMed 25933806

    Makuwani AM, Msuya S, Haule D, Mogella D, Nkya E (2013)
    Innovative accountability of tracking test kit as locked resources: a lesson in a restricted resource setting
    J Clin Lab Anal, 27 (5), 391-7
    DOI 10.1002/jcla.21616, PubMed 24038225

    Ameh C, Msuya S, Hofman J, Raven J, Mathai M, van den Broek N (2012)
    Status of emergency obstetric care in six developing countries five years before the MDG targets for maternal and newborn health
    PLoS One, 7 (12), e49938
    DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0049938, PubMed 23236357

    Mapingure MP, Msuya S, Kurewa NE, Munjoma MW, Sam N, Chirenje MZ, Rusakaniko S, Saugstad LF, de Vlas SJ, Stray-Pedersen B (2010)
    Sexual behaviour does not reflect HIV-1 prevalence differences: a comparison study of Zimbabwe and Tanzania
    J Int AIDS Soc, 13, 45
    DOI 10.1186/1758-2652-13-45, PubMed 21080919

    Mbizvo EM, Msuya S, Hussain A, Chirenje M, Mbizvo M, Sam N, Stray-Pedersen B (2005)
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    Afr J Reprod Health, 9 (1), 88-98
    PubMed 16104658

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