Bjørn Myrvang


    Publications 2017

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    Publications 2015

    Myrvang B (2015)
    Manson's tropical diseases
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    Publications 2012

    Mørch K, Myrvang B (2012)
    Treatment of malaria in Norway
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    Publications 2010

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    Myrvang B (2010)
    [A fifth plasmodium that can cause malaria]
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    Publications 2009

    Berhe N, Myrvang B, Gundersen SG (2009)
    Gastro-intestinal symptoms associated with intense Schistosoma mansoni infection affect class-attentiveness of schoolchildren in Ethiopia
    Acta Trop, 110 (1), 52-6
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    Publications 2008

    Berhe N, Myrvang B, Gundersen SG (2008)
    Reversibility of schistosomal periportal thickening/fibrosis after praziquantel therapy: a twenty-six month follow-up study in Ethiopia
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    Publications 2007

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    Berhe N, Halvorsen BL, Gundersen TE, Myrvang B, Gundersen SG, Blomhoff R (2007)
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    Am J Trop Med Hyg, 76 (5), 943-9
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    Berhe N, Myrvang B, Gundersen SG (2007)
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    Drug resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the Sunamganj District of Bangladesh
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    Publications 2006

    Damås JK, Jensenius M, Ueland T, Otterdal K, Yndestad A, Frøland SS, Rolain JM, Myrvang B, Raoult D, Aukrust P (2006)
    Increased levels of soluble CD40L in African tick bite fever: possible involvement of TLRs in the pathogenic interaction between Rickettsia africae, endothelial cells, and platelets
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    Publications 2005

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    Publications 2004

    Dalgard O, Bjøro K, Hellum KB, Myrvang B, Ritland S, Skaug K, Raknerud N, Bell H (2004)
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    Publications 2003

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    Publications 2002

    Bell H, Dalgard O, Bjøro K, Hellum KB, Myrvang B (2002)
    [Treatment of chronic hepatitis C]
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    Publications 2001

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    Publications 2000

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    [Non-practical guidelines?]
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    Publications 1999

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    Publications 1998

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    Publications 1997

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    Publications 1993

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    Publications 1991

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    Publications 1983

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