Ingrid Helen Ryste Hauge

  • CT/X-ray Physicist; PhD

Publications 2018

Johansen S, Hauge IHR, Hogg P, England A, Lança L, Gunn C, Sanderud A (2018)
Are Antimony-Bismuth Aprons as Efficient as Lead Rubber Aprons in Providing Shielding against Scattered Radiation?
J Med Imaging Radiat Sci, 49 (2), 201-206
DOI 10.1016/j.jmir.2018.02.002, PubMed 32074039

Publications 2016

Waade GG, Highnam R, Hauge IHR, McEntee MF, Hofvind S, Denton E, Kelly J, Sarwar JJ, Hogg P (2016)
Impact of errors in recorded compressed breast thickness measurements on volumetric density classification using volpara v1.5.0 software
Med Phys, 43 (6), 2870-2876
DOI 10.1118/1.4948503, PubMed 27277035

Publications 2013

Hauge IH, Pedersen K, Olerud HM, Hole EO, Hofvind S (2013)
The risk of radiation-induced breast cancers due to biennial mammographic screening in women aged 50-69 years is minimal
Acta Radiol, 55 (10), 1174-9
DOI 10.1177/0284185113514051, PubMed 24311702

Publications 2012

Hauge IH, Hogg P, Szczepura K, Connolly P, McGill G, Mercer C (2012)
The readout thickness versus the measured thickness for a range of screen film mammography and full-field digital mammography units
Med Phys, 39 (1), 263-71
DOI 10.1118/1.3663579, PubMed 22225296

Publications 2010

Pedersen K, Landmark ID, Bredholt K, Hauge IHR, Olerud HM (2010)
Phantom Dose Levels Found at Annual Physics Surveys in a National Mammography Screening Program: Comparison of Doses from Analog and Digital Equipment and from Digital Equipment at Different Points in Time
LECT NOTES COMPUT SC, 6136, 100-105

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