Members of research group

Tore G. Abrahamsen, Dr. med, consultant and professor II (UiO)
Karianne Wiger Gammelsrud, PhD (OUS)
Hans Christian Erichsen, Dr. med.(OUS)
Ingvild Heier, PhD, consultant (OUS)
Kari Lima, PhD, consultant endocrinologist (Ahus)
Per Kristian Knudsen, PhD, consultant (OUS)
Torstein Øverland, PhD candidate, MD and researcher (OUS)
Astrid Elisabeth Rojahn, overlege (OUS)
Marius K. Skram, MD under specialization (OUS)
Dina Aresvik, MD and stipendiate (HSØ)
Kiran Gul, MD and stipendiate (OUS)
Kathleen Halvorsen, nurse (OUS)

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