Clinical immunology and infectious diseases

Børre FevangGroup leader
Børre Fevang
Group leader

The research group focus on immunopathogenesis in primary and secondary immunodeficiency such as Common variable immunodeficiency (CVID) and HIV and selected infectious diseases, in particular the study of chronic inflammation characterizing these disorders. The aim is to improve the understanding of disease mechanisms and to discover new targets for therapeutic intervention. The group works in a translational setting combining close contact to the clinic, in particular Section of Clinical Immunology and Infectious Diseases at OUH, with access to a wide range of immunological methods through extensive collaboration with other groups.

Chronic inflammation is a common feature of both immunodeficiencies and many infectious disorders. While inflammation is vital to the clearance of both invading microbes and potentially malignant cells a continued or exaggerated response will further compromise the patient’s health. Identifying the factors leading to such an exaggerated response will potentially enable clinicians to modify the inflammatory response of the single patient with agents targeting anything from intracellular signaling pathways to intercellular cytokine networks and microbiota.

Research projects overview 

From left: Ingvild Nordøy, Børre Fevang, Magnhild Eide Macpherson, Kari Otterdal and Silje Jørgensen.