Pediatric Forensic Medicine and Experimental Forensic Research

The essence of forensic medicine is first to detect injuries and pathology, second to scientifically interpret that information in order to understand the cause of death and body harm, and third to present the findings in an objective manner for police, courts and lay-men. Technological advancements in radiological imaging (i.e. CT) and computational measurement have opened possibilities for improved detection and visualization of tissue injuries, but the gold standard of evidence remains conventional autopsy. The research group participates in the   quest to improve methods for injury detection and understanding of injury and death mechanisms. Based on challenges presented at routine forensic medical work, we feel committed to contribute to the prevention of unnecessary deaths from e.g. accidents or physical harm. Better knowledge of child maltreatment and risk behavior associated with infant and child death is another goal of the research.

Contact information
Group Leader Arne Stray-Pedersen, Department of Forensic Sciences, University of Oslo, Tel: +47 23013119/ +47 92489442, E-mail: