Welcome to the Gynecological Oncology Research Group

Erik Rokkones
Department head

Gynecological oncology comprise the following programs:
Uterine cancer and cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, vaginal cancer and choriocarcinoma.

The programs are gathered in a complete treatment clinic, which includes surgery, chemo- hormone- and radiation therapy.

The department is a national centre of competence for gynecological oncology.

Research goals

  • Develop our role as the strongest research milieu in the country on gyncogological oncology with an extensive international interface
  • Clinical medicamental research: A number of ongoing studies, partly together with cooperative clinical study organizations like NSGO, EORTC, MRC and GCIG.
  • Translation research within ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, cervical cancer and vulva cancer. Collaboration projects with the Institute for cancer research.
  • Collaboration project with the Cancer Registry of Norway : prospective quality register at ovarian cancer
  • Develop ultramodern molecular biology laboratory for ovarian cancer patients
  • Pre-operative molecular biological and dynamic MR report at endometrial cancer
  • Oncolex: Oncolex is a reference work for oncologic health personnel where you will find background information and updated procedures in diagnostics, cancer treatment and results. Web site www.oncolex.no will provide information related to the treatment and results of cervix, endometrium, ovarium and vulva cancer
  • Cytostatica manual: A comprehensive booklet with practical guidelines to all chemocourses given to gynecologic oncologic patients in Norway.
We cooperate with several research groups at the Norwegian Radium Hospital, where we compare inheritable ovary cancer with knowledge from sporadic cancer and other genetic defects. Our aim is to understand how cancer develops, arises and evolve, and why some people develop resistans against treatment. Our hope is to find new and improved treatment forms for each woman.