SFF – Norwegian Centres of Excellence

There are two active Centres of Excellence (SFF) at Oslo University Hospital with the University of Oslo as the host. The centers are multi-year initiatives under the auspices of the Norwegian Research Council. NORMENT is funded under SFF III (2013-2023). CanCell is funded under SFF IV (2017-2027).

NORMENT: Norwegian Centre for Mental Disorders Research:
Norment is a Centre of Excellence funded by the Norwegian Research Council. At NORMENT we strive to find answers to why some people develop perceptual disturbances, delusions, deep depressions or elated, manic phases.
CanCell - Centre for Cancer Cell Reprogramming
CanCell is a research centre that aims at uncovering the “Achilles’ heels” of cancer cells and target these for reprogramming cancer cells into harmless cells.

SFI – The Centres for Research-based Innovation

Oslo University Hospital has two Centers for Research-Driven Innovation (SFI) and is also a partner in a center at the Norwegian Computing Center (BIG INSIGHT). The centers are multi-year initiatives under the auspices of the Research Council.

CCI - Center for Cardiological Innovation
The Center for Cardiological Innovation (CCI) aims to develop the next generation of ultrasound systems for cardiology.
Centre for Connected Care
Connecting people and technology - Everyone wants to give patients the best health care. That is when the patient is actively involved in medical follow-up, where quality and patient safety comes first. C3 develops and uses knowledge-based methods and tools that make this possible.
Big Insight - Statistics for the Knowledge Economy
BigInsight is a center for research-based innovation, started in April 2015 as one of the third generation Norwegian Centres for Research-based Innovation. It is funded by the Research Council of Norway and by fifteen partners and will operate until 2023.

K.G. Jebsen centres for medical research

Led by OUS researchers:

K.G. Jebsen Center for Cardiac Research. Leader: Ivar Sjaastad. Startup: 2017
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K.G. Jebsen Coeliac Disease Research Centre. Leader: Ludvig M. Sollid. Startup: 2016
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K.G. Jebsen Centre for Influenza Vaccine Research. Leader: Bjarne Bogen. Startup: 2013
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K.G. Jebsen Colorectal Cancer Research Centre. Leader: Ragnhild A. Lothe. Startup: 2014
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K.G. Jebsen Center for B-cell Malignancies. Leader: Ludvig A. Munthe
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