Bjarne Bogen's research group: Cellular and molecular immunology

Bjarne Bogen
Group leader

The Bogen research group performs research within three areas: (i) T-B cell collaboration and development of autoimmunity and B lymphomas (ii) The role of CD4+ T cells in rejection of MHC II negative tumors (iii) Development of new vaccines against influenza and other infectious diseases. A common theme in these three research areas is T cell recognition of immunoglobulin variable regions, and how immunoglobulins can be used for construction of targeted DNA vaccines. The group is part of Centre for Immune Regulation (research area i, ii) and KG Jebsen centre for research on Influenza Vaccines (research area iii).

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  •  T-B cell collaboration where T cells recognize immunoglobulin variable region peptides (Id-peptides) on MHC II molecules on B cells. The importance of BCR (B cell receptor ligation) and T cell help in such Id-driven T-B collaboration.
  • Studies on bystander killing effected by Id-specific CD4+ T cells. Tumor escape from CD4+ T cells by antigenic modulation that affects macromolecular protein structure.
  • Development of DNA vaccines that as proteins target fused antigen to antigen presenting cells for induction of strong immune responses against influenza virus.

Group Leader
Bjarne Bogen
Department of Immunology
Tel: +47 23073015