The use of anabolic steroids among women

This research project investigates the use of androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS) among women.Primary research aims include what characterizes the use, what side-effects they experience, and how it affects cognition, emotion andbrain structure.


Since AAS usage is far more common in men than women, the focus of AAS use in research has so far been mainly aimed at men. Although we know that the use of AAS among women exists and is established in special training environments, there is limited knowledge of thissubgroupof users.This lack of knowledge is clinically relevant, as women are significantly more vulnerable to many of the negative effects of use.Increased knowledge about women's use of AAS is important in order to develop both preventive measures and effective treatment strategies.


AASamong women, and toincrease the knowledge of how AAS might affect women’s physical and mental health, brain, and cognition. By cognition we mean processes such as attention, reasoning and memory.We also want to gain a better understating of women's experience withAAS use, as well as their reasons for starting using steroids in the first place.


A wide range of methods are used to investigate the relationships between these different factors, including in-depth interviews,neuropsychologicaltesting, questionnaires, and brain imaging.By using advanced brain imaging techniques, we can characterize brain structure (gray and white matter) and brain activity over time.By using brain imaging we can therefore investigate if and how long-term use of AAS affects the brain's structure and function.  

Participants in the study

In this research project we compare two groups:

1) Women who have experience with usinganabolic steroids(used at least one “cycle” of AAS).

2) Women who spend a lot of time on strength training, usually withinfitness/ bodybuilding / weightlifting or similar, and who do not have used anabolic steroids.


data collection of this project is nearing completion, but we still want contact with women who have experience with the use of anabolic steroids.Do you have experience or know someone who uses or has used anabolic steroids?If so, please contact us for more information and about participation in the study.


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