Unit of Regenerative Medicine

Tor P. Utheim<br>Group leader
Tor P. Utheim
Group leader

One of our main goals is to develop storage and transport technology for cultured stem cells of various origins. We anticipate this technology will be increasingly in demand as research in regenerative medicine becomes common practice. Improved treatment for patients with dry eye disease is another research focus, based on analyses of clinical data. Treatment of eye disease at the front and back of the eye is also an important part of our work, especially treatment of limbal stem cell deficiency using alternative cell types, such as cultured epidermal and oral mucosal cells. Isolation and culture of epidermal keratinocytes is thus a recent area of research interest. We specialize in stem cell research mainly in the areas of eye and skin.


  • Stem cell selection and xenogeneic-free culture of adult epidermal, oral mucosal and limbal cell sheets
  • Investigation of the effect of temperature on storage of cultured conjunctival, limbal, epidermal, retinal and oral mucosal cell sheets,
  • Optimization of storage media
  • Transport technology for cultured cells
  • Treatment of keratoconus (irregular cornea) and dry eye disease
  • Biomarkers in Sjøgren`s syndrome
  • Imaging technology of eyes, mouth and skin
  • Treatment of deafness by means of regenerative medicine
  • Elucidation of the pathogenesis of pterygium
  • The role of electrostimulation in treating blindness

Contact information:
Tor P. Utheim, Head of Unit of Regenerative Medicine, Department of Medical Biochemistry, Oslo University Hospital, Ullevål, Kirkeveien 166, 0407 Oslo, Norway.  Mail: uxutto@ous-hf.no Tel: +47 93085870