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Lars Eide<br>Group leader
Lars Eide
Group leader

We focus on function of mitochondria in relation to oxidative stress and mtDNA repair. Oxidative stress damages mitochondrial macromolecules including mtDNA, but also serves important regulatory role of metabolic processes in the mitochondrial matrix. We are investigating how mitochondrial respiration, respirasome organization and metabolic activity correlate with mtDNA processes in different cellular models.


Nuclear and mitochondrial genomes are subjected to dynamic modifications. These modifications are taken care of by DNA glycosylases. We have found that modifications in the DNA in nucleus and mitochondria serve distinct roles in cellular regulation of metabolism. Thus, we believe that these midifications, traditionally known as damages, can be considered intracellular signals.

We combine our developed high-resolution methods to quantify site-specific DNA modifications with mitochondrial and metabolic measurements to study the (mitochondrial) DNA-metabolid relation.

Our projects

  • Mitochondrial dynamics during cellular reprogramming. Using iPS technology, we study the meatbolic activity and differentiation capacity of iPS cells from repair deficient mice. The prupose is to understand the role of mtDNA repair in the mitochondrial transformation
  • Deep sequencing analyses of mitochondrial mutagenesis. Novel techniques measure mtDNA mutation frequency to one per million. We aim to know the tolerance level for mtDNA mutation frequency in a specific site
  • (mt)DNA alterations during metabolic manipulations. Role of DNA repair. Abnormal fasting/ feeding responses are characteristics of diabetes. We study how such metabolic manipulations involve DNA damage formation and processing.
  • Mitochondrial epigenetics: possible role of stable mtDNA modifications in regulating mitochondrial activity
  • mtDNA disintegrity in neurodegeneration

Regional Core Facility for Mitochondria and Metabolism