Welcome to John T. Vaage's group NK Cell Research Group (NKRG)

J.T. Vaage

NKRG focuses on the biology and recognition mechanisms of Natural Killer (NK) cells, which constitute an important part of our innate immune defense against neoplastic and virally infected cells. One main focus is on the characterization of several families of lectin-like receptors on NK cells and their roles in immune responses against diseased cells. Another focus is on different subsets of NK cells in different tissues and unique functional characteristics. NKRG is embedded in an environment of clinical and experimental immunology and histocompatibility testing.

The research group is currently co-organized with the Innate lymphocyte group at the Department of Pharmacology. The combined group is headed by Prof. Marit Inngjerdingen.

Current projects

  • Characterization of the MHC-Ib binding repertoire of inhibitory and activating Ly49 receptors and impact on allogeneic stem cell transplantation
  • Characterization of subsets of NK cells in different tissues with a focus on developmental and functional characteristics, as well as involvement in various immune responses
  • An unusual case of MHC restriction of alloreactive T cells, converging with NK cells in their MHC-Ib recognition.