ImTECH-CT group

A.C.T. MartinsenGroup leader
A.C.T. Martinsen
Group leader

There has been little focus on CT research in Norway to date, but given a steady increase in the number of CT examinations, with about 80% of the total population radiation exposure from medical procedures stemming from CT, an increased research effort in this field is clearly needed. The research topics addressed by the group include the development of new CT technology; spectral imaging, organ perfusion, AI based reconstruction technologies, Monte Carlo based organ dose monitoring, development of new methods and equipment for image quality assessment, AI based post processing and analyzing tools.

Ongoing projects

  • Improved detection, quantification and characterization using spectral imaging CT
  • Improved image quality using AI based reconstruction technologies in CT
  • Cardiac CT
  • Advanced AI based analyzing tools
  • Organ dose


Head of department/Group leader/Ass. Professor Anne Catrine T. Martinsen PhD
The Department of Diagnostic Physics, Division of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine 
Tel: +47 99216566