Infections and inflammation in urology

The group’s research activity mainly focuses on inflammation and infections in the urinary tracts, and for better and more accurate treatment that prevents antibiotic resistance.

Trus Erik Bjerklund JohansenGroup leader
Trus Erik Bjerklund Johansen
Group leader

The Groups Research Profile

  • Asymptomatic bacteriuria
  • Antimicrobial resistance, mathematical modelling of development of resistance
  • Antibiotic stewardship
  • Infection prophylaxis
  • Infectious  complications in urology
  • Classification of urinary tract infections
  • Microbiome in urine
  • Phage therapy in prophylaxis and treatment
  • Tuberculosis in the urinary tract
  • Urosepsis

Long Term Goals

The Group's goal is to record the incidence of urinary tract infections, types of microorganisms, antibiotic resistance and risk factors in order to improve the use of antibiotics and non-antibiotic preparations (antibiotic stewardship).

The recording will contribute to both the prevention and treatment of the individual patient and predict the development of antibiotic resistance in an international perspective. Thereby reducing the morbidity associated with urinary tract infections.