Research projects or areas

Anselm Schulz, PhD

Evaluation and development of new AI-based CT reconstruction algorithms and examination protocols in oncologic and emergency radiology.

Imaging of liver metastases.

CT texture analysis of different malignancies as imaging-based biomarker for tumor characterization, response evaluation and as prognostic factor.

Bettina Hanekamp (PhD project)

Pelvic MRI for anal cancer:  Analysis of tumor characteristics, prediction of outcome/ recurrence, assessment of response and of local recurrence after chemoradiotherapy. 

Main supervisor: Anselm Schulz Co-supervisors: Nils Einar Kløw; Marianne Guren; Eirik Malinen

Ellen Viktil (PhD project)

New MRI method for staging of early rectal cancer (“ToSee”)

Main supervisor: Anselm Schulz Co-supervisors: Arild Nesbakken; Anne Negård

Johann Baptist Dormagen, PhD

Emergency and trauma radiology.

Chair of “Nordic Forum for Trauma and Emergency Radiology (NORDTER)” .

Oncologic imaging.

Johannes Godt (PhD project)

CT triple injection protocol for trauma patients. Evaluation of image quality and detection of traumatic lesions.

Arterial versus portovenous imaging in pelvic trauma CT.

Main supervisor: Johann Baptist Dormagen Co-supervisors: Torsten Eken

Kristin Jensen, PhD

Please see her separate research group website CT/X-ray Research & Technology

Tormund Njølstad (PhD candidate)

Deep learning image reconstruction (DLIR) in CT – assessment of image quality, diagnostic performance and potential for dose reduction.

Ole Einar Heieren
Non-vascular intervention with special focus on hepato-biliary intervention.

Anders Drolsum
Non-vascular intervention.
CT colonography and gastrography.
Conventional and contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS).








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