Research interests:

The group has the following main areas of interest:

Intra tumor heterogeneity of breast cancer. Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease, while classification studies focus on inter tumor heterogeneity, these studies focus on the regional or cell-to-cell variation within a tumor.

Active projects:

  • Intra tumor heterogeneity; from single cell analysis to diagnostic tools (PI: Hege G. Russnes)
  • The relevance of  clonal heterogeneity  to treatment response in adjuvant treated breast cancer (PI: Hege G. Russnes)

Molecular classification of breast cancer. Through studies of alterations on the DNA, RNA and protein level, tumors from large cohorts of patients are analyzed. This is part of larger collaborative studies in the K. G. Jebsen Center for breast cancer research as well as of projects managed in the OSBREAC group (Oslo Breast Cancer Research Consortium).

Active projects:

  • EMITebc (Establishment of Molecular profiling for Individual Treatment decisions in Early Breast Cancer) (PI: Bjørn Naume)
  • CARMA (Copy Aberration Regional Mapping Analysis)(PI: Ole Christian Lingjærde)
  • CANCAN (Cancer specific copynumber alteration analysis)(PI: Hege G. Russnes)

Circulating biomarkers for breast cancer. Both detection of tumorcells, cell-free DNA and other molecular markers in blood or bonemarrow are promising diagnostic tools in treatment monitoring and follow up of cancer patients.

Active projects:

  • Cell-free tumor DNA in blood; non-invasive monitoring of therapy response and disease progression in breast cancer patients (PI: Hege G. Russnes)

Tumor evolution. Knowledge about molecular alterations during tumor evolution can give a key to better prognostication and more targeted therapeutic intervention. Several pilot projects with focus on both the step from pre-invasive to invasive disease as well as the metastatic process.


Other activities:

Several collaborations in clinical trials, EU projects and institutional projects.


Funding sources:

Kreftforeningen, Helse Sør-Øst, Norges Forskningsråd, Radiumhosplitalets Legater




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