About the group

The Bioinformatics group belongs to the Department of Microbiology at Rikshospitalet, Oslo University Hospital (OUS). The group is co-located with the Biomedical Informatics Research Group at the Department of Informatics at UiO.

Erling Seeberg and Torbjørn Rognes (Foto: Elin Høyland, DN)

The bioinformatics-related activities were initiated in the research group of Erling Seeberg (to the left on the image above), who supported bioinformatics research very strongly. The bioinformatics group was formed by Torbjørn Rognes in August 2002 and now includes several members.

The group works closely with the other research groups at the department and with other groups at the hospital and the university like the groups of Magnar Bjørås, Arne Klungland, Tone Tønjum, Eivind Hovig, and Rolf I Skotheim.

We concentrate our research on issues related to improving the computational analysis of the vast amounts of genome sequence data available. Read more about our research projects. We also provide bioinformatics services through the Core Facilities for Bioinformatics and Structural Biology at OUS.

We are grateful for the valuable computational resources and services provided by the Scientific Computing Group at the Department of Information Technology Services (USIT) at UiO.


The group is currently funded by the following: