PhD students (alphabetical order)

Helena Andersson, MD


Project; The Anti-syntetase syndrome (ASS) project

Funded by Extrastiftelsen, Norske kvinners sanitetsforening, 2013-17

Supervisors; Øyvind Molberg, Jan Tore Gran


Hanne Aulie, MD


Project; The risk for cardiovascular disease and mortality in juvenile idiopathic arthritis - A longitudinal study of a cohort of young adults first examined at Rikshospitalet in the period 1980-86

Funded by Extrastiftelsen, Norsk revmatiker forbund 2011-14

Supervisors; Berit Flatø, Øyvind Molberg


Cecilie Dobloug, MD


Project; Prevalence, clinical features and mortality of idiopathic inflammatory myopathies in South-east Norway

Funded by Norske kvinners sanitetsforening, 2012-15

Supervisors; Øyvind Molberg, Jan Tore Gran


Birgir Gudbrandsson MD


Project; Takayasus arterititis (TA) in South-East Norway.

Clinical research fellow, University of Oslo 2011-16

Supervisors; Øyvind Palm, Jan Tore Gran


Joanna Haydon, MD


Project; Biomarkers and disease prediction in Mixed Connective Tissue Disease: results from Norwegian nationwide MTCD cohort (NorMCTD)

Funded by University of Oslo 2012-15

Supervisors; Øyvind Molberg, May Brit Lund, Ragnar Gunnarsson


Siri Opsahl Hetlevik


Project; Juvenile MCTD

Funded by Extrastiftelsen, Norske kvinners sanitetsforening 2013-16

Supervisors; Vibke Lilleby, Berit Flatø


Anna-Maria Hoffmann-Vold, MD


Project; Systemic Sclerosis (SSc) in South-East Norway.

Funded by Norske kvinners sanitetsforening 2011-15

Supervisors; Jan Tore Gran, Øyvind Molberg, Arne K Andreassen


Kristin Schjander Larsen MD


Project; Juvenile Dermatomyositis

Funded by Extrastiftelsen, Norsk revmatikerforbund, 2013-16

Supervisors; Helga Sanner, Berit Flatø


Karoline Lerang MD


Project; Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) in Oslo

Funded by the Department of Health and later internal funds

Supervisors; Inge-Margrethe Gilboe, Jan Tore Gran


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