Gro Walø-Syversen

  • Psychologist/Doctoral Research Fellow
  • +47 23 01 63 56

Gro Walø-Syversen is a clinical psychologist with experience from the addiction and eating disorders field. She is currently a PhD candidate in the study Oslo Bariatric Surgery Study (OBSS) Cognitive, a collaboration between the Regional Department for Eating Disorders (RASP), Ullevål Hospital, Senter for Sykelig Overvekt, Aker Hospital, and Oslo University.

Ongoing research

The OBSS Cognitive: A Prospective Study on Bariatric Surgery and Cognitive Function. Empirical findings indicate a clear relationship between executive control resources and health protective behaviors such as eating behavior and physical activity. Cognitive dysfunction in relation to memory, attention and executive functions in obese individuals seeking weight loss surgery have been recently demonstrated, and neuropsychological functioning appears to be an important predictor of weight loss and weight loss maintenance. The current project is a planned extension of the ongoing Oslo Bariatric Surgery Study (OBSS), which aims to bridge the intention-behavior gap, and provide a new evidence base regarding the mental health issues related patients undergoing bariatric surgery. Further, the data from the OBSS-Cognitive will serve as a basis for developing efficient weight loss interventions, sorely needed in the treatment of obesity.

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