Research seminar - Imaging Research in neurodegenerative disorders - 18/10-2018

A seminar on "Imaging Research in neurodegenerative disorders" was arranged Thursday 18/10-2018 i at Domus Medica 4. Lars Westlye acted as external evaluator.

Lars Westlye, group leader of Multimodal Imaging group at Norwegian Centre for Mental Disorders Research (NORMENT) and Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology at the University of Oslo, acted as external evaluator at our seminar.

In addition to Westlye, we had the following speakers:

Kjell Heuser - Ictogenesis and epileptogenesis – Observations with different modalities 

Ebba Gløersen Müller - Molecular brain imaging

Dan Rinker – MRI and genetic pathways in multiple sclerosis

Einar August Høgestøl – Accelerated braing aging in multiple sclerosis

Per Kristian Eide - Imaging extravascular solute clearance in neurodegenerative

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