Main research focus

The research group focuses on clinical and translational neurosurgical research within the fields of neurovascular disease and  cerebrospinal fluid disorders.

  1. Cerebrovascular disorders. Cerebral hemodynamics including cerebral revascularization. Focus on intracranial aneurysms and subarachnoid hemorrhage, including neurointensive monitoring and outcome.
  2. Brain Monitoring. Several projects study intracranial pathophysiology with a strong focus on intracranial pressure and arterial blood pressure dynamics, including studies on cerebral autoregulation.
  3. Hydrocephalus. Studies focus on the pathophysiology of hydrocephalus and alterations in pressure dynamics in hydrocephalus and other brain water disorders. Translational research has been initiated to study molecular-genetic mechanisms of hydrocephalus and diseases involving disorders in brain water homeostasis. Clinical studies focus on outcome of treatment of hydrocephalus.
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