Current projects

  • DTC/CTC detection and clinical value, in breast, prostate, colorectal, pancreatic and lung cancer patients(JMN/EB).
  • Molecular characterisation of DTC/CTC (in collaboration with Dept. of Genetics)(HGR/EB).
  • Primary tumor analyses: gene expression by Nanostring nCounter analysis(JMN/HGR/EB).
  • Circulating tumor DNA in blood from breast cancer patients(HGR);.
  • ct-DNA in blood in comparison to genetic analysis of primary tumor (breast cancer). (HGR).
  • Intra-tumoral heterogeneity in breast cancer (analyses by immunofluorescence, FISH and deep-sequencing)(HGR).
  • Mitochondrial function and cell stemness correlation(ZS).
  • Hypoxia and cell stemness of cancer cells(ZS).
  • Sex hormone binding globulin and cancers(ZS).
  • Cytokines and cancer stem cells(ZS).
  • Cancer cell stemness and novel cancer treatment strategy(ZS).
  • Graphene-based real-time CTC capturing system development(ZS).
  • Metabolic disorder and cancer stem cells (knockout cell line and animal based studies)(ZS).
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