Line Broch

  • Consultant of Neurology; MD

Background: Line Broch has a medical degree from Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland (2003) and is a specialist in neurology since 2014. She works as a senior consultant at the department of neurology, Drammen hospital. She has a special interest in MS and is a part of the departments MS-team.

As of January 2019 she is working 50% as a PhD student with the project “Fatigue in MS” while continuing working 50% as a clinician in the department of neurology in Drammen.

Resarch project: Line Broch is starting a research project on fatigue in MS. The project title is “Fatigue in MS”. The aim of the project is to study the prevalence of fatigue, the changes of fatigue over time and the relation to clinical factors, socioeconomic factors, immune markers and treatment in an MS population.

Main supervisor: Elisabeth Gulowsen Celius (Professor MD, PhD).

Co-supervisor: Heidi Ormstad (Professor Sc., PhD)

Research interest:


Clinical studies in MS

MS and fatigue

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