Einar August Høgestøl

  • PhD student; MD
  • +47 41108981


Einar August Høgestøl has a medical degree from University of Oslo in 2012. He then spent 1,5 year at the neurosurgical department at Oslo University Hospital, before he started his PhD project in the MS group as a clinician.

Project/Research interest:

- MRI and MS
- Biomarkers and MS
- Personlized treatment for MS patients
- Novel multi-sensor devices

Einar A. Høgestøl started on the project "MRI- and other biomarkers in early multiple sclerosis" in late 2015, which is a translational project, continuing the work done by Gro O. Nygaard. We are aiming at using quantitative MRI to elucidate early structural changes in the central nervous system of recently diagnosed MS patients. He are organizing our 4/5 year follow up of our patient cohort. He hopes to contribute to even more knowledge about the correlation between the structural changes and the clinical outcome of the patients, as measured by neurological and neuropsycological examinations. His Ph.D work will mainly be done on fMRI changes correlated to fatigue and depression, and the new method based on MRI-data called "Brain Age Prediction".

Main supervisor: Hanne F Harbo (Group leader, professor, Consultant of neurology, MD, PhD, MHA)
Co-supervisors: Gro O. Nygaard (Consultalt of neurology, MD, PhD) and Lars T. Westlye (Cand. Psychol, PhD, Associate Professor II at the Department of Psychiology, University of Oslo).

• Epidemiology
• Clinical examinations (neurological and neuropsychological tests)
 MRI postprocessing
 Machine learning
 Signal processing


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