Ina Skaara Brorson

  • PhD student; MSc
  • +47 230 79025

Ina S. Brorson has a Master of Science  degree in molecular biology from the Department of Biosciences, University of Oslo 14.01.15. She did her master thesis in the MS research group, where she looked at vitamin D responsiveness of MS associated genes in CD4+ T cells. Brorson is currently working on her PhD entitled “Defining and characterizing molecular pathways in multiple sclerosis”

The main objective of this project is to define and characterize novel molecular pathways in MS that are affected at an epigenetic and/or gene expression level.

Main supervisor: Steffan D. Bos (MSc, PhD)
Co-supervisors: Hanne F Harbo (MD, PhD) and Tone Berge (MSc, PhD)

Research interests:

  • Genetics
  • DNA methylation
  • Gene expression
  • Immunology


  • DNA methylation data
  • RNA sequencing data
  • Bioinformatics
  • Isolation and cultivation of primary, human T cells
  • RNA and DNA isolation
  • Quantitative real-time PCR



Berge T, Leikfoss IS, Brorson ISBos SDPage CMGustavsen MWBjølgerud AHolmøy TCelius EGDamoiseaux JSmolders J,Harbo HFSpurkland A (2016)
The multiple sclerosis susceptibility genes TAGAP and IL2RA are regulated by vitamin D in CD4+ T cells
Genes Immun17 (2)118-27
PubMed 26765264

Leikfoss IS, Keshari PKGustavsen MWBjølgerud ABrorson ISCelius EGSpurkland ABos SDHarbo HFBerge T (2015)
Multiple Sclerosis Risk Allele in CLEC16A Acts as an Expression Quantitative Trait Locus for CLEC16A and SOCS1 in CD4+ T Cells
PLoS One10 (7)e0132957
PubMed 26203907

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