Gro Owren Nygaard

  • Consultant of neurology; MD, PhD
  • +47 230 16299

Gro Owren Nygaard has a medical degree from University of Oslo (UiO) from 2004. She worked as a general practitioner at the emergency care unit in the city of Oslo until she started specializing in neurology at Oslo University Hospital in 2008. She started her PhD project on early Multiple Sclerosis in the summer of 2011. Alongside her research activity, she takes an interest in the follow-up of the patients with recent MS diagnosis at the department.

Project/Research interest:
Gro Owren Nygaard works on the project "MRI and genetics and clinical outcome in Multiple Sclerosis", which is a translational project, aiming at using quantitative MRI to elucidate early structural changes in the central nervous system of recently diagnosed MS patients. She hopes to contribute to knowledge about the correlation between the structural changes and the clinical outcome of the patients, as measured by neurological and neuropsycological examinations, and also to identify the role of the known genetic risk factors in MS, in the pathology of early disease.

Main supervisor: Hanne F Harbo (MD, PhD)
Co-supervisors: Elisabeth Gulowsen Celius (MD, PhD) and Kristine Beate Walhovd (Cand. Psychol, PhD, Professor at the Department of Psychiology, University of Oslo).

• Epidemiology
• Clinical examinations (neurological and neuropsychological tests, MRI)

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