Protective equipment

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Work clothes

All employees should use a lab coat in the cell lab, isotope lab and when handling hazardous chemicals in general. You can fetch a lab coat in the laundry room. 

Safety glasses

Safety glasses can be found in the drawer close to the lab bench. In addition you will find them in the chemical room E478a, in the LIN storage room (E470a) and the instrument room F487. Remember to put the glasses back after use.

Hearing protection

There are hearing protectors/earmuffs in room F487 close to the sonicators.

UV protection

Some of the regular safety glasses have UV filter. You will find a label on the side indicating in which areas the glasses offer protection. There are also special UV glasses.


Nitrile S-M-L gloves in the lab, close to the sinks.

Latex gloves is found in the chemical room, use them when needed.

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