Welcome to Kjetil Taskén's research group: Cell Signalling and Immune Regulation

Kjetil TaskénGroup leader/ Institute leader
Kjetil Taskén
Group leader/ Institute leader

The Taskén group aims to understand complex intracellular signalling networks and how such networks require anchoring and localization through scaffold proteins. The group investigates how these signalling networks mediate physiological and pathophysiological processes. In the immune system, we investigate prostaglandin-, cAMP- and regulatory T cell-mediated immune-modulation with application in tumor immunology, immune diseases, and inflammation.

The main focus is to understand why the immune system sometimes breaks down its ability to recognize and kill cells in a growing malignant tumor. We aim to understand how tumors develop immune evasion strategies, which mechanisms operate in different cancers and how we can perturb such immune-inhibitory signals to boost anti-tumor immunization and assist other cancer immunotherapies. We are also active in cancer drug sensitivity screening for patient samples seeking effective compounds and drug synergies on an individual basis, ultimately aimed at supporting clinical decisions in precise oncology and hematology.

The group is part of the KG Jebsen Center for Cancer Immunotherapy and the KG Jebsen Center for B Cell Malignancies.

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