Main research areas:

It aims to be a nationally and internationally leading research environment in technological solutions for in the following research areas:

  • Developing new building block for navigation technology in different surgical disciplines like laparoscopic liver resection, neurosurgery and catheter-based interventions. Such building blocks rely on new preoperative and intra-operative image analysis/processing algorithms, where the intra-operative methods need to consider real-time or near to real-time constraints such as segmentation, volume visualisation and co-registration.
  • Robotic technology ranging from haptic feedback and augmented reality in tele-surgical systems, semi-autonomous systems for support in the operating theatre and miniaturised robotic systems on the tip of a catheter or in a pill-cam system.
  • Explore more research in areas like targeted treatment, new imaging techniques and micro technology.
  • Biomedical modelling of organs like heart, liver etc. , using advanced mathematical models like finite element (FEM) describing tissue properties, flow pattern for prediction and simulation.
  • Development of new monitoring technology e.g. accelerometer and gyro sensors including advanced signal processing for detection of changes in heart conditions.
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