High mortality of cutaneous melanoma in Norway: A population-based study of prognostic factors

The mortality rate for cutaneous melanoma (CM) in Norway is the highest in Europe, higher than in countries with comparable incidence rates. The Norwegian Malignant Melanoma Registry (NMMR), established in 2008, enables study of prognostic factors of CM death. Using population-based data from NMMR and the national Cause of Death Registry, we aimed to study sex, age, residency, tumor location and histopathological characteristics of the primary tumor for all CM cases in Norway, and the associations between these factors and CM specific death.  Knowledge from this study could help targeting secondary preventive measures towards the Norwegian population. 

Project leader: Syed Mohammad Husain Rizvi. Others: Per Helsing. Collaborators: Norwegian Cancer Registry.

A European multicenter study on depression, anxiety, quality of life and attachment among adult patients with common skin disorders

A cross-sectional observation study of patients with common skin disorders in 13 European countries, studying the prevalence and burden of itch.

Local project leader: Jon Anders Halvorsen. Collaborators: European Society of Psychiatry and Dermatology, Florence Dalgard and 13 dermatological centres across Europe.

European Prurigo Project

A cross-sectional observation study of patients with prurigo across Europe, initiated by EADV Task Force Pruritus

Local project leader: Jon Anders Halvorsen. Project leader: Sonja Ständer, Munster, Germany.

Atopic dermatitis among children in Norway – prevalence and risk factors

Based on data from the Norwegian Prescription Registry.

PhD project: Cathrine Helene Mohn.  Main supervisor: Per Lagerløv, University of Oslo. Co-supervisor: Jon Anders Halvorsen.  

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