Research unit - Cardiological intensive care

Group leader:Geir Ø. Andersen
Group leader:
Geir Ø. Andersen

Main aim:
study varius aspects in connection with treatment for acute coronary occlusion and complications due to this condition.

Main members:

Geir Øystein Andersen, Dept of Cardiology B
Arild Mangschau, Dept of Cardiology B
Jan Eritsland, Dept of Cardiology B

Eva Cecilie Knudsen, Dept of Cardiology B
Vibeke Ritschel, Dept of Cardiology B
Trygve Husebye, Dept of Cardiology B
Limalanathan Shanmuganathan, Dept of Cardiology B
Henrik Stær-Jensen, Dept of Acute Medicine

Associated members:
Reidar Bjørnerheim, Dept of Cardiology B

Ingebjørg Seljeflot og Harald Arnesen, Center for Clinical Heart Research,
Pavel Hoffman, Dept of Radiology,
Kjetil Sunde, Dept of Acute Medicine,
Pål Aukrust Research Institute for Internal Medicine,
Per Thorsby, Hormone laboratory Aker,
Rune Wiseth ST.Olaf Hospital, Trondheim,
Eirik Qvigstad, Jan-Bjørn Osnes, Tor Skomedal Inst. Pharamcol., UiO.

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