Marianne Riksheim Stavseth

  • Statistician; PhD
  • +47 23 36 89 73

Publications 2020

Bukten A, Lund IO, Kinner SA, Rognli EB, Havnes IA, Muller AE, Stavseth MR (2020)
Factors associated with drug use in prison - results from the Norwegian offender mental health and addiction (NorMA) study
Health Justice, 8 (1), 10
DOI 10.1186/s40352-020-00112-8, PubMed 32399643

Stavseth MR (2020)
Sensitivity analyses – how robust is the result?
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 140 (8)
DOI 10.4045/tidsskr.20.0099, PubMed 32463201

Stavseth MR (2020)
Sensitivity analysis - how robust is the result?
Tidsskr. Nor. Laegeforen., 140 (8), 807

Publications 2019

Bukten A, Stavseth MR, Clasuen T (2019)
From restrictive to more liberal: variations in moratlity among patients in opioid maintenance treament over a 12-year period
BMC Health Serv Res, 19 (1), 553
DOI 10.1186/s12913-019-4382-9, PubMed 31391048

Stavseth MR, Clausen T, Røislien J (2019)
How handling missing data may impact conclusions: A comparison of six different imputation methods for categorical questionnaire data
SAGE Open Med, 7, 2050312118822912
DOI 10.1177/2050312118822912, PubMed 30671242

Stavseth MR, Clausen T, Røislien J (2019)
The clinical consequences of variable selection in multiple regression models: a case study of the Norwegian Opioid Maintenance Treatment program
Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse, 46 (1), 13-21
DOI 10.1080/00952990.2019.1648484, PubMed 31603346

Publications 2017

Bukten A, Stavseth MR, Skurtveit S, Tverdal A, Strang J, Clausen T (2017)
High risk of overdose death following release from prison: variations in mortality during a 15-year observation period
Addiction, 112 (8), 1432-1439
DOI 10.1111/add.13803, PubMed 28319291

Stavseth MR, Røislien J, Bukten A, Clausen T (2017)
Factors associated with ongoing criminal engagement while in opioid maintenance treatment
J Subst Abuse Treat, 77, 52-56
DOI 10.1016/j.jsat.2017.03.010, PubMed 28476272

Publications 2015

Bukten A, Lund IO, Rognli EB, Stavseth MR, Lobmaier P, Skurtveit S, Clausen T, Kunøe N (2015)
The Norwegian Offender Mental Health and Addiction Study - Design and Implementation of a National Survey and Prospective Cohort Study
Subst Abuse, 9 (Suppl 2), 59-66
DOI 10.4137/SaRt.S23546, PubMed 26648732

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