Clinical and Experimental Pathology

Else Marit Løberg and Jon Lømo
Group leaders

Research aims

The projects are along two main lines; 1) neurotoxic effects of drugs, hormones and hypoxia in the adult and immature brain (autopsy and animal studies, including chick embryo), and 2) the biology of cancer, with focus on life-style factors in breast cancer (obesity), tumours with a good prognosis (e.g. detected by mammography screening), and immune cells in lung cancer. We take part in several large multidisciplinary projects in Oslo University Hospital, and strive to make our projects close to the clinic.

Current projects

  • Experimental and clinical neuropathology: autopsy and animal model studies
  • The biology of breast cancer: life-style factors, and lessons from mammography screening
  • Lung pathology (effect of hypoxia, and study of immune cells in lung cancer)

Contact information
Group leaders Else Marit Løberg / Jon Lømo
Department of Pathology, Tel: +47 22 11 89 13
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