Gastrointestinal-Pancreas (GI-P) Pathology Research Group

Per Arne Andresen
Per Arne Andresen

Our research group studies the genetics/gene expression of pancreatic, liver, and colorectal cancers with the aim of identifying biomarkers for early detection and prognosis. We utilize benign and malignant human tumor tissues and cancer cell culture models to investigate protein signaling pathways involved in cellular growth, senescence, chemotherapy response, and tumor-stroma interactions.

Research projects

  • Neoadjuvant treatment for pancreatic cancer:
    Towards improved patient selection and assessment of treatment:
    1) Characterization of residual, i.e., resistant tumor by broad morphological and molecular analysis of both the cancer cell population and tumor stroma.
    2) In vitro and ex vivo analysis of cancer-associated fibroblasts (pancreatic stellate cells) and their role in drug resistance.
    (PI: Caroline S. Verbeke)
  • Molecular mechanisms of drug resistance:
    1) Characterization of DNA damage response and DNA repair pathways in colorectal cancer and ulcerative colitis.
    2) Identification of clinically useful biomarkers for drug response.
    (PI: Paula M. De Angelis)
  • The genetics of colorectal neoplasm diversity:
    1) The indolent nature of sporadic colorectal polyps and the occasional transition to colorectal cancer (CRC), significant factors in CRC screening and surveillance.
    2) Morphological and molecular determinants for clinical outcome in patients with gastro-enteropancreatic neuroendocrine carcinomas.
    3) Genetic susceptibility to multiple primary melanomas.
    (PI: Per Arne Andresen)