Welcome to the Research Institute of Internal Medicine (RIIM)


Bente Halvorsen
Institute Leader

The research profile of the Institute is to combine clinical medicine and molecular biology to establish a bridge between bench and bedside. This is of utmost importance in order to exploit in clinical medicine the recent development in immunology, biochemistry and molecular biology with the ambitious aim to develop novel treatment modalities and new diagnostic tools. Our profile includes all phases of this research, ranging from characterization of inflammatory profiles in various patient populations and in vitro experiments in various cells and cell lines to experimental studies in animal models, including gene modified mice, and interventional proof of concept studies in various patient populations.

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Section of Inflammatory Research

Prof. Pål Aukrust is leading the Section of Inflammatory Research comprising the following four research groups.  

Research Groups

Immunopathogenic Mechanisms
in Immunodeficiency and Infectious Disorders

Børre Fevang
Group Leader


Inflammatory and Molecular Mechanisms
in Atherosclerosis and Related Metabolic Disorders

Bente Halvorsen
Group Leader


Immunological and Molecular Mechanisms
in Myocardial Remodeling and Heart Failure

Arne Yndestad
Group Leader


Inflammatory Biomarkers
in Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease

Thor Ueland
Group Leader


Section of Thrombosis, Haemostasis and Vascular Biology  


Prof. Per Morten Sandset is leading the Section of Thrombosis, Hemostasis and Vascular Biology comprising the following two research groups.

Research Groups 

Haemostasis and Bleeding Disorders

Pål André Holme
Group Leader


Coagulation Factors: Role in the
Development of Thrombosis, Inflammation and Cancer

Grethe Skretting
Group Leader


Section of Molecular Hepatology  

Prof. Tom Hemming Karlsen is leading the Section of Molecular Hepatology comprising the following two research groups.

Research Groups  

Genomics and Metagenomics
in Inflammatory Disorders

Johannes Hov
Group Leader 


Experimental Liver Research


Espen Melum
Group Leader