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Group Leader:<br>Jahn M Nesland
Group Leader:
Jahn M Nesland

Metastases are the cause of most carcinoma deaths. After termination of standard adjuvant / neoadjuvant therapy, no methods are available today to predict disease relapse. Thus, intervention in the window prior to clinical metastases, with additional, personalized therapeutic measures, to prevent fatal outcome is a major challence. Detection of disseminated tumor cells in the bone marrow (DTC) and circulating tumor cells in blood (CTC) are promising prognostic and predictive indicators, for early prediction of relapse, as tools for monitoring of therapy, and as basis for individually tailored therapy. There is increasing evidence for the stem cell properties of DTC/CTC. Stem cell features in circulating and disseminated cells, and in clinical metastases are to be explored.


  • DTC/CTC detection and clinical value, in breast, prostate, colorectal and pancreatic cancer patients
  • Characterisation of DTC/CTC
  • Primary tumor analyses - tumor progression/metastasis factors and angiogenesis
  • Cancer stem cell research: Cancer cell stemness regulation, enrichment and expansion of cancer stem cells in vitro, stem cell factors and clinicopathological aspects, mitochondrial function and cancer stem cells,and novel cancer stem cell targeting strategies
  • Next generation sequencing for genetically characterizing breast carcinoma primary tumors, followed by analysis for circulating tumor DNA bearing the corresponding aberrations, in periferal blood.
  • Studies of intra-tumoral heterogeneity in breast cancer by in situ analysis (combined immunofluorescence and FISH) and by deep-sequencing of single cells.