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Deadline March 19th:

Appointment as Project Coordinator, The ACREDIT Research network


ACREDIT: Advanced ColoRectal Cancer – Individualization of Therapies

The research network is based at Akershus University Hospital (AUH) and Oslo University Hospital—Norwegian Radium Hospital (OUH), which are hospitals affiliated to the University of Oslo. The Principal Investigators, one at each site and both operating in a clinician–scientist (50/50) setting, are Group Leaders of the two principal research groups of the network: Clinical and Molecular Oncology in ColoRectal Cancer (AUH) and Translational Cancer Therapy (OUH). The network activities were initiated as a joint research program and have evolved into multidisciplinary research on advanced colorectal cancer, applying a range of contemporary experimental and clinical scientific approaches. The network was formally established with funding from the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority (2014–2016). Recently, the network was extended to include Vestre Viken Drammen Hospital, and the funding was renewed for another three years (2017–2019).

We are now seeking a highly motivated Project Coordinator.

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